Custom - Harley-Davidson Museum
Harley-Davidson Museum - Custom Tail Pipe Pendant

Custom Tail Pipe Pendant, Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI

Lighting Designer: Jill Cody of Dark Light Consulting while at HGA Architects

Architect: Pentagram

Executive Architect: HGA

In 2008, Harley-Davidson opened a museum to celebrate the company's history and the Harley-Davidson experience. Placed on a 20 acre reclaimed industrial site, the architectural design celebrates the industrial heritage of the site through the use of glass, steel, and brick for an exposed structure. The surfaces boast of the Orange, Black, Red and Chrome of the Harley-Davidson brand. The lighting design integrates the lighting effects while paying homage to design, quality and workmanship represented in the Harley-Davidson products.

The cylinder pendants with diagonal cut ends mimic a motorcycle exhaust pipe. These "tailpipe" fixtures have perforated, rolled aluminum housings with (1)90W tungsten halogen PAR lamp at the top. Light shines through the perforations to give a soft ambient glow while the open end provides illumination to the floor below. Exposed rivets and powdercoat paint with a galvanized appearance complete the theme. The pendants were mounted in indoor dry and outdoor damp locations.

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