New Serenity Patterns

A Unique Refresh to One of Your Favorite Healthcare Luminaires

Essence Pattern
Venture Pattern
Vector Pattern
Orbit Pattern








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Overbed Luminaires

Serenity Patient Room Lighting

Serenity Overbed Luminaires are designed for medical and long-term care facilities and are equipped with separately switched reading, ambient, and exam lighting. These fixtures create a unique aesthetic by distributing the multi-function performance lighting around a luminous frame while an illuminated center panel enhances the patient experience. This center panel affords a pleasing design for the environment and helps the patient to feel more at home while creating a serene visual distraction for patients. This is achieved with decorative panels that include soft calming patterns.

  • Available in 3 standard sizes
    • 2’ x 4’,
    • 2’ x 2’
    • 1’ x 4’ tandem set
  • Serenity luminaires are designed with a low-profile, robust hospital-grade housing
  • Serenity over-bed luminaires are offered in recessed or surface mounted models.
  • Serenity luminaires include Visa Lighting’s standard five year warranty


Serenity Headwall, Serenity Wall Sconce and Serenity Table Lamp

Serenity Headwall  Serenity Sconce  Serenity Table Lamp