Round, Recessed Ceiling Luminaires

Create a Beautiful Ambient Glow

The Symmetry family offers 23” and 45” diameter models designed specifically for patient overbed, general use, tunability and behavioral health/high abuse. Symmetry’s round, recessed ceiling luminaires feature a patented concave dome in the center of the lens that creates a beautiful ambient glow. This simple form factor allows lighting designers to use organic shapes and draw the eye to particular areas – without focusing on the luminaire itself.  

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SYMMETRY Behavioral Health/High Abuse Lights

Strong and Beautiful

Because they treat patients whose symptoms may include aggression or suicidal ideation, behavioral health/high abuse facilities require a higher level of environmental safety precautions. Luminaires in patient areas must be tamper-resistant, ligature-resistant, and impact-resistant. Visa Lighting’s Symmetry models are tested to IK10+ standards, which means they can withstand over 100 joules of mechanical impact.

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SYMMETRY Overbed Lights

Patented Concave Lens

Symmetry now includes several different models in 23" or 45" diameters – all with the same patented concave lens. Sources include standard white in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K, tunable, optional amber night light sources, and ambient, exam, and combined modes for patient room overbed models.

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