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Glass globe LED pendant

Modern glass globe pendant with LED lighting

Muse Globe Lighting


Muse was designed as a unique alternative to the classic globe luminaire. This 8”-diameter blown-glass pendant utilizes a source disk that appears to float inside the glass. This design allows light to project onto the reflective white inner surface of the globe, illuminating the orb. An echo of the upper dome is reflected in the transparent lower globe, creating an eye-catching ring of light.






made in America



Unique Design

no exposed LEDs

Muse glass globe pendant with LED

Glass Globe Pendant 

Model Number: CP6900

The metal cap and source disk can be finished with any of our extensive standard or custom powder coat paint options. Our exclusive eco-friendly alternative metal finishes are also offered for a premium look. 
Muse is offered with an integral driver in the canopy or a flat canopy with a remote driver. 
This pendant is suspended via a charcoal linen-covered power cord.