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sconces for healthcare and medical environments

Create Comforting Spaces

These sconces bring both aesthetic appeal and ADA compliance to any environment. The formed aluminum construction and attention to detail by our skilled craftspeople result in a subtle, yet impactful presence that is both easy to clean and durable.

All of Visa Lighting's sconces are available in 21 paint colors with an option for an antimicrobial top coat.


Bliss Round & Bliss Square

Bliss Round provides a beautiful circle of illumination from its shallow cylindrical form. The halo of light emitted from a round frosted acrylic lens provides comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes  illumination from all angles. 

"Bliss Round offers something unique — dramatic views akin to a total eclipse. A round front fascia caps the luminous acrylic form creating a constantly changing light aperture for occupants moving within a space. You get a beautiful and unique view from every angle."  

- David Morrissey, Product Engineer

Bliss Square produces a simple unbroken square of illumination from its crisp, boxed form. The shallow, frosted acrylic lens provides comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes illumination from all angles. 

Naya & Anara

Naya and Anara have smooth facias that provide a modern hospitality-like look that is easy to clean. Indirect up-and-down light provides soft illumination through the frosted acrylic top and bottom lenses that are slightly recessed to ensure a tight fit and finish for reduced glare. 

The Naya sconce is a smooth semi-cylinder shape. Naya's form is calming and uninterrupted. The truncated cylinder housing provides a non-institutional hospitality feel. The Naya sconce is precision rolled from a continuous piece of aluminum. 

Anara is square-shaped with a flat front and soft edges. The modern profile and soft edges let the sconce recede into its environment. The Anara sconce has smooth rounded edges that help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Unmatched Quality

These new wall sconces were carefully designed to be easy on the eyes. Quality, comfortable lighting is ideal for all environments and each of these sconces was created to have a visually pleasing, minimized view of the light source.

These sconces offer a subtle hint of hospitality and are available at budget-friendly prices. These unique luminaires can be helpful tools when designing layers of light to create a soft ambiance or add decorative and functional wayfinding illumination throughout all facilities. Their multiple source options, cleanability, and light output options make them ideal for use in applications such as: 

  • Patient rooms
  • Infusion suites
  • Nurse stations
  • Break rooms
  • Waiting rooms 
  • Hallways 
  • Stairwells


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Bliss Round

Bliss Square