Featured: Volare Linear Pendant Lighting

LED linear pendant lighting called Volare by Visa Lighting


Linear Pendant Lighting With Remarkable Light Output


Volare seemingly floats in space with a beautiful translucent acrylic diffuser that gently curves around a thin LED lightbar. Hidden hardware and the minimalist shape echo traditional Scandinavian designs bringing a more stylized option into the linear pendant lighting market.


Volare stands out from other linear suspension lighting seen on the commercial pendant lighting market because of its beautiful glow, interesting curved shape, and its impressive light output. Most linear pendant lighting provides only downlight which can create a cave-like atmosphere and harsh shadows. The improved performance of Volare provides usable surface downlight as well as uplight providing ambient illumination to the entire application space. 




An Advance Commercial Pendant Light


Volare is available in 4’, 5’, and 7’ nominal lengths and is evenly lit with fully-dimmable LEDs and optional 90+ CRI for accurate color representation. These LED sources are available in L30K, L35K and L40K LED color temperatures allowing this linear pendant to fit into a variety of commercial applications.





Linear Suspension Lighting With Style 


This pendant’s sleek design is credited to the pared-down simplicity of elements used such as the cloth-covered powered suspension cables eliminating a bulky power cord seen in similar fixtures.


The LED light bar is suspended under the acrylic with hidden stand-offs and appears to float underneath the illuminated diffuser.  “The real wow factor of this light is the way the acrylic diffuser is illuminated. Without up-close inspection, it seems as though the thin upper diffuser is the illumination source” says product engineer Alex Murray. “The final design turned out to be somewhat of a trompe l'oeil, tricking the viewer as to how so much light could be emitted from seemingly nowhere. It’s one of my favorite fixtures I’ve ever been a part of producing.” 


Volare's LED light bar is painted by hand and can be finished in any of our painted finish colors



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Decorative linear pendant lighting by Visa Lighting
Volare linear pendant LED light by Visa Lighting with gold and white finish
Volare linear pendant LED light by Visa Lighting with terracotta white finish

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