Healthcare Patient Room Lighting

Healthcare overbed light Harmony for hospital patient rooms by Visa Lighting


Designed To Improve The Patient Experience

Our Harmony healthcare overbed luminaire was developed with a unique cove-like diffused lens and provide comfortable, controllable illumination designed to improve the patient experience. The clean and simple design has a smooth cleanable surface that efficiently and effectively delivers recommended illumination for the patient and staff through the owner's preferred lighting control system.

Harmony distributes light evenly inward from the outer edges of the concave diffuser creating a beautiful gradient. These unique design features create soft, soothing ambient illumination that creates a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for healthcare applications. 


Features That Allow Healthcare Workers The Opportunity To Give Optimal Care

Healthcare environments need to be versatile and adaptable to patient needs. Harmony allows caregivers the ability to see and care for patients in the best possible light.

Patient room overbed light for healthcare by Visa Lighting.




Easily cleanable hospital light fixtures


Easy Cleaning


Harmony healthcare lighting features smooth surfaces which allow for easy cleaning. Our products are made in America with durable materials and finishes that stand up to harsh cleaning protocols.

Hospital lighting with watertight sealed construction for easy cleaning


Sealed Construction


NSF2 certifiation assures cleanability. IP65 (Ingress Protection) sealed against dust and water from room side. Suitable for restrictive airflow - sealed fixture for air-tight room.

Hospital light fixtures with antimicrobial finish


Antimicrobial Finish


Harmony products use an anti-microbial powder coat paint that contains silver ion as a natural antibacterial agent. This specialized paint inhibits the growth of bacteria and some viruses.




Direct Impact to Health and Wellbeing

The lighted environment has a direct impact on the healing and wellbeing for patients and healthcare providers in healthcare settings. Having the right lighting design and utilizing adequate and appropriate applications of both artificial and natural lighting solutions influences the outcome of patients, families and care givers. 

Collaboration with Healthcare Design Professionals

Visa lighting has a long standing reputation in the development of aesthetically appealing and performance based healthcare lighting. Developed in collaboration with healthcare design professionals and clinicians from top design firms and nationally ranked healthcare providers, our healthcare lighting products provide practical and holistic solutions for healthcare lighting applications. 

Healthcare lighting design light fixtures.