Harmony 2x4

Recessed Multi-Function Overbed

The Harmony 2x4 overbed light features a unique cove-like curved lens design. This recessed ceiling fixture distributes light inward from the perimeter of the concave lens. This unique design creates a comfortable gradient of light that provides healthcare patients and staff with soft and calming ambient illumination.

Optimize patient room design with this streamlined overbed light. The Harmony 2x4 features multiple light modes for patient comfort and caregiver efficiency including soft ambient lighting, higher-intensity reading illumination, and directional exam lighting. 


Harmony 2x4 overbed ceiling light mounted into a healthcare patient room.


Lighting in harmony with comfort and wellbeing designed to improve the patient experience


healthcare ceiling light in 2x4 size for patient overbed applicaitons


Multiple light levels to provide optimal patient comfort and care 

 Improve the patient experience with Harmony's ability to easily switch between patient functional modes including soft ambient and higher-intensity reading illumination. For spaces where high lumens for visual acuity during medical examination is needed, Harmony features an option for a 3rd circuit for additional high output exam mode.


Ambient Output Mode

Healthcare overbed light levels for ambient LED mode

Reading Output Mode

Healthcare overbed light levels for reading LED output mode

Exam Output Mode

Healthcare overbed light levels for exam LED output mode

High Exam Output Mode

Healthcare overbed light levels for high exam LED output mode

Harmony 2x4 Product Features: 

  • 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCT
  • 2-Circuit (2C) features separate ambient and reading modes which combine to enable IES-RP29 compliant exam lighting
  • High-output exam available with 3-Circuit (3C) option
  • Low output Amber LED (NGT) option
  • Long-lasting LEDs allow for maintenance-free sealed housing construction
  • Shallow recessed housing
  • Drivers are located in a separate compartment which can be mounted on top of the fixture (TMD) or remote (RMD)
  • Compatible with low voltage pillow speaker control systems (with optional LVPC-DIM controller)
  • Suitable for installation on most standard 2x4 T-Bar Grid Systems
  • SRI Accessory Kit for rigid ceilings available for order



Video: Harmony 2x4


Flexible positioning of LED drivers for easy facility maintenance

To allow medical facilities and installation contractors the flexibility to mount the LED driver compartment in a location that best suits their needs while integrating seamlessly in the overall design, Harmony features two options for driver placement.



Top Mounted Driver Option

If corridor plenums are overcrowded the driver can be mounted within the patient room ceiling utilizing the slim Top Mounted Driver option (TMD).



When to use Harmony 2x4 with Top Mounted Driver:

  • Ideal for grid mounted rooms with access to plenum
  • Easily wired through top of fixture
  • Quick access to driver replacement through adjacent ceiling panels minimizes maintenance, clean time, and related costs
  • No need to remove entire fixture for access


harmony 2x4 overbed ceiling light with top mounted LED driver
Healthcare patient room with LED light featuring a top mounted driver


Remote Driver Option

With the Remote Driver option (RMD) and low voltage wiring, the slim driver compartment can be mounted in remote locations like corridors, remote data/wiring closets, or remotely within the patient room plenum. 


When to use Harmony 2x4 with Remote Driver:

  •  Ideal for sheetrock ceiling applications such as Hospital Retrofit applications, Behavioral Health spaces, and restrictive air flow applications where driver maintenance can be performed without the need to access the inside of the fixture
  • Locating drivers in areas outside the patient room allows easy access and service without disturbing the patient space, saving costs on clean up and down time
  • Allows flexibility within patient room plenum where space may be tight
  • Low voltage class II wiring from driver box to fixture (provided by others)



harmony 2x4 overbed ceiling light with remote LED driver
Healthcare patient room with LED light featuring a remote LED driver


Harmony Brochure 

The Harmony design guide provides you with helpful product details for the multi-function 2x4 overbed patient overbed light and hosts valuable installation information for choosing the best product features for your healthcare applicaion. 


healthcare lighting brochure for multi-function overbed light Harmony by Visa Lighting