Introducing "Symmetry"

  • Thu, 02/23/2017




Milwaukee, Wisconsin (February 23, 2017)


Beautifully simple. Incomparable performance. Unmatched functionality.

For the first time, a round luminous form not only breaks up the ceiling scape but breaks the mold and introduces tunable lighting as never seen before. The elegant, unique lens is formed in a gentle concave profile with a graceful, shallow dome in the center offering a different aesthetic from a typical dome ceiling fixture. The Symmetry LED series includes three models for a variety of operations – a Tunable White LED model, an Over-Bed Patient Room model, and a General Use Ambient model.

Balancing the circadian clock is vital to health and wellbeing.  Select light sources and light levels will increase the potential for circadian-effective light exposure in architectural spaces. This is critical in healthcare applications, but is equally important in other environments where we spend a significant period of the day indoors, such as education and work places. Symmetry was designed to meet this need as an advanced tunable luminaire.  Illuminated with a 5-LED-channel controllable system capable of 1650K-8000K at 90CRI along with a full color gamut of saturated colors, it is dimmable via 0-10V or DMX-RDM to 1%. 

Symmetry’s 3-setting over-bed model is the industry’s most advanced healthcare over-bed luminaire to date, with ambient and exam light levels, 0-10V dimming to 1%, and an optional night light. Ranging from 30 Foot Candles of ambient light up to 100FC of exam high level lighting means this fixture serves any space from the waiting area into the ICU.  The ability to switch to an amber mode for night lighting and observation is key to minimizing sleep disturbances for patients. If a nurse call system is available, Visa Lighting can pair this fixture with a Low Voltage Patient Control device accessory that would offer the patient control of their own dimmable ambient and night lighting. The 90CRI option makes a doctor’s perception of skin color more easily readable. 

The third model in the series is a general use ambient model offering 3 color temperature options (3000K to 4000K), integral 0-10V dimming down to 1%, and an integral emergency option. The frosted acrylic lens is glare free with LEDs mounted along the inside perimeter creating a glow along the surface of the lens providing pleasant, glare free illumination. The unique aesthetic, innovative performance, and quality design makes these fixtures relevant for any interior environment ranging from the newest contemporary styles to traditional applications.

The stunning 44” diameter recessed series is suitable for drywall and T-bar grid ceiling systems. LED power supplies are located within the housing and accessible below the ceiling. Symmetry is a sealed construction, hospital grade fixture with options such as anti-microbial finishes and dimming via DALI to 5%.  Created and tested to the high-quality standards that are Visa Lighting’s hallmark, these innovative round luminaires are made in America and include a 5-year warranty.

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