New: Nacelle Linear Pendant

  • Thu, 02/25/2021

Balancing performance and efficiency in a contoured, decorative profile: Visa Lighting launches new “Nacelle” pendant


Visa Lighting is proud to introduce Nacelle, a new linear pendant that offers performance with sleek, organic design elements.


This effortless, linear pendant breaks out of the rectilinear monotony of most linear pendants and delivers something softer and more personable. Nacelle is an efficient luminaire that can be used in general spaces such as educational and open offices, large meeting rooms, and foyer and lobby areas. At the same time, the smooth, curved form with a graceful luminous reveal allows it to work in more intimate spaces where design elements are more visible such as conference rooms, dining rooms, or reception areas.


The coolness of the curved, metal body fused around the warmth from the linear LED light source provides an interesting juxtaposition. "The design was inspired by architecture often found in the natural world, where a durable outer surface conceals a more vulnerable inner core," says product designer Hans Nielsen.


Another distinctive design highlight is Nacelle's oval profile with subtly recessed concave endcaps. Ordering the endcaps in a contrasting finish gives this fixture a sophisticated two-tone composition. With Visa Lighting's extensive powder coat finishes or eco-friendly alternative metal finish options, the design can fit any interior commercial aesthetic.


The Nacelle fixture is offered in lengths of 48 inches, 70 inches, and 92 inches. Along the length of the fixture the extruded luminous surface is evenly lit with fully-dimmable LEDs.


Cloth-covered suspension cables are available in white, grey, or black. In keeping with the minimalist design, these cables also provide power to the fixture eliminating the need for an additional power cord. Nacelle can be ordered with a remote driver or the driver-in-canopy option.


Learn more about Nacelle. 

Visa Lighting suspended LED linear pendant light
Visa Lighting suspended LED linear pendant light in 3 sizes
Nacelle decorative linear pendant with organic lines and high-design by Visa Lighting