New: Sail Pendant

  • Mon, 11/01/2021



Sail - A Galaxy of Light - Clean, simple, beautiful


Visa Lighting is proud to present our newest luminaire: Sail

At first glance, Sail may appear to be a simple ring pendant. Yet, as you examine it, you can see the complexity and uniqueness of its design. Unlike other ring style pendants, Sail offers a brilliant halo of light surrounding an ultra-thin, flat, solid aluminum center which can be customized with the application of powder coat paint colors from our updated palette. For an eye-catching and impressive effect, mount a grouping of Sail lights together, in a variety of sizes, at varying heights, and at an artistic angle, to produce a true galaxy of light.


Despite its remarkable, modern elegance. Sail is not just a decorative light. Sail’s efficient LED array is enhanced with Visa Lighting’s beautiful EdgeGlideTM Optics to create usable, balanced illumination, and to offer incredibly efficient light output without producing awkward shadows. “I was amazed at how much light we were able to get from such a thin disc. It exceeded my expectations” - Rick Diehl, Director of Sales


The Sail luminaires suspended on their own are perfect for any large venue or space with open, high ceilings like an atrium, lobby, or cafeteria, while the smaller luminaires are excellent in more intimate spaces like, conference rooms and offices. Sail makes a bold statement, especially when grouped together, and will work well for a wide range of markets such as hospitality, corporate, healthcare, and education. Sail is available in three nominal diameters: 18”, 24”, and 32”, and is suspended by three stainless steel aircraft cables which can be shortened in the field at the canopy to easily suspend the discs at unique angles. Dimmable LEDs are offered in 30K, 35K, and 40K color temperatures with delivered lumens available in low or high output levels ranging from 1550 to 5700 depending on fixture size. To accommodate any design, LED drivers are available integral in the pendant’s canopy or can be installed remotely.


Learn more about Sail specifications here



18" Deoro Gold Finish

Sail 18" Pendant - Deoro Gold