Lenga: Atypical Asymmetry

  • Fri, 04/27/2018

Dual overbed slots with multifunctionality and slim design

Asymmetric dual slot fixtures for patient room lighting 

Healthcare facilities require light fixtures that can fit into busy environments without overtaking crucial space or compromising light quality.

Introducing Lenga, dual overbed slots with targeted asymmetry and multifunctional capabilities.   

These exceptionally designed dual overbed slot fixtures emit asymmetrical distribution for the best exam lighting on the bed, high or low lumen output, and optional 2-channel Tunable sources.

With an extremely slim depth and width, Lenga is designed to seamlessly integrate with grid ceilings, with drywall ceilings via mud flange, or with trim kit for mud-free drywall installations.  

What makes Lenga different? 

Lenga's angled, coextruded concave lens is a totally unique reimagining of the typical slot luminaire. With half of the lens more transparent than the other, designers get both a high-performance exam side and a lower performance (but more pleasing) ambient side—all in one slim fixture.  

With Lenga, our product design engineers have aptly demonstrated how much functionality and style can fit in a small package.

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Lenga asymmetric slots emit light onto the patient bed without taking up valuable plenum space