Expand Your Design With Peek

  • Tue, 02/27/2018
Peek luminaire models in multiple sizes in an open workplace, showing how the contemporary pendants can complement one another
All three sizes of the Peek contemporary pendants, mounted together in a cluster.


Bigger and Bolder Contemporary Pendants 


Now introducing: two new sizes! 


You don't often find lighting fixtures that can be described as funky and sophisticated, but Peek pulls it off.  




Peek features an evenly illuminated body for optimum light performance from its vacuum-formed white acrylic diffuser. We debuted the 16" modern-retro pendant in 2016. Since then, Peek has garnered quite a bit of attention.


With its asymmetrical void, optical-illusionary sphere, high-performance luminous body and RGB capabilities, this design is hard to miss. 


But you saw the potential for more. Our specifiers called for larger models that could do justice to large-venue applications. The Peek family now includes two new models, 21" and 26", bringing that same modern pop to bigger spaces. 


Peek contemporary pendants, now available in three sizes, showing off their RGB capabilities
Peek, the retro modern contemporary pendant, shown straight on to display the asymmetric void.

Now Peek allows more flexibility for the lighting designer. Whether hovering alone or mounted together in a dazzling solar system, these contemporary pendants will improve large venues, lobbies, convention halls, retail atriums, university buildings and more.


Check out the specs for each model on the Peek product page. 

Or, for more info about incorporating these contemporary pendants into your specific design, contact your Visa Lighting sales representative