New: Sequence Mini, 2" Pendant With Downlight

  • Tue, 02/25/2020

Sequence Mini, the new 2" diameter pendants with optional downlight

(prweb) 2/25/2020


Visa Lighting recently released a new luminaire family, Sequence Mini, engineered to accomplish a lighting first: fit a functional, comfortable downlight into a luminous architectural pendant that’s only 2” in diameter.

Inspired by the original Sequence line of luminous cylinders, Visa Lighting’s engineers designed Sequence Mini to perform the same lighting functionality as a full-size pendant—but with a smaller form factor.

Sequence Mini is the first 2”-diameter pendant of its kind with an optional downlight—a feature that was important to get right. Engineers performed many tests to optimize the highest safe output and find the right optics. It wasn’t simply a matter of fitting the downlight into the aperture. It had to perform beautifully.


Luminous cylindrical pendants offer an iconic punctuation to lighting designs in many different applications. The original Sequence family, for example, can often be seen in university stairwells, workplace atria, lobbies, and various other spaces.

However, because this new luminaire is only 2” in diameter and includes shorter models, the familiar luminous cylinder element can now be used in smaller spaces. Reception areas, dining rooms, bars, small lobbies, and conference rooms with lower ceiling height are areas that could benefit from a smaller pendant that provides task lighting or illuminates other design features below. This design is also well-suited for multi-fixture cluster installations due to their slim forms and multiple lengths.

Specifying Sequence Mini

The new Sequence Mini pendant family includes 22 models: 11 for vertical mounting and 11 for horizontal mounting. Each model is available in 11 lengths from 12” to 72” as standard, and specifiers are able to custom order lengths in increments of one inch within that range.

When configuring each model, specifiers can choose length, output, color temperature, and an optional downlight with three optic choices. The top and bottom endcaps can be finished in 16 different powder-coat colors or Visa Lighting’s eco-friendly alternative metal finishes.

For models 24” inches or longer, specifiers may also choose between a remote driver and a driver-in-canopy configuration. The driver-in-canopy option allows the fixture body to be petite without a remote driver.

Models for horizontal mounting may be installed at an angle by shortening either the power cord or the secondary support cable in the field.

To learn more about Sequence Mini, view the product page


Sequence Mini 2" diameter luminous cylinder pendants
Sequence Mini 2" diameter luminous cylinder pendants
Sequence Mini luminous pendant in horizontal model