Sequence Square: The Legend Continues

  • Mon, 02/25/2019

Following the success of their iconic Sequence line, Milwaukee manufacturer Visa Lighting launches a new form for architectural pendants.

Close-up image of Sequence Square luminous cylinder pendants



In 2009, Visa Lighting changed the game with the Sequence family: long, luminous pendants in varying lengths, widths, and source types—all with cylindrical diffusers. This style has become ubiquitous in lighting designs across every building type because it highlights the surrounding architecture and allows designers the opportunity to be creative with the pure, uniform simplicity from each individual pendant. Sequence became the most specified (and most imitated) luminaire in Visa Lighting’s collection.

Though fervor for the cylindrical body style has not diminished, specifiers often request straight lines and flat planes—but without bulky frames or shadowy corners. Visa Lighting product engineers have now solved that design challenge with the new Sequence Square family.

From an aesthetic perspective, the flat planes of Sequence Square allow designers to further accentuate vertical lines in the interior architecture. Mounted in clusters of various model lengths and widths, these pendants evoke an eye-catching crystalline structure.

Most importantly, the acrylic body is fully luminous, which means illumination doesn’t diminish at the corners or ends.

Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8’ lengths and 4” or 8” widths, Sequence Square pendants can fit anywhere from above a reception desk to a concert hall. Each is available with an optional downlight in three different optics. They come with standard white sources in 30K, 35K, or 40K color temperatures, or DMX-compatible color-changing RGB LEDs for colorful installations. Power supply can be remote on all models, integral on 8” models, or in a painted top-mounted compartment on 4” models.

View product spec sheets for each model here.