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Laterna, Sequence, and Zume, three outdoor pendant lighting fixtures


Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Available now in Catenary or Canopy Style


Laterna Outdoor Pendant Lighting

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Sequence Catenary RGB Outdoor Pendant Lighting

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Zume, a globe-shaped outdoor pendant lighting fixture

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Incorporating outdoor pendant lighting in our exterior lighting collection


We've long been known as an exceptional manufacturer of outdoor sconces. We've taken that expertise and design instinct and reconfigured it into an opportunity to freshen up the exterior lighting scene—by stepping away from the wall.

Outdoor pendant lighting creates exciting designs for any gathering space outside. We now offer three new pendant families, Sequence LED, Laterna and Zume, each with an extreme range of customizability to fit any outdoor design need. We've also included several optional Catenary Accessories and produced a comprehensive Catenary Design Guide.

These products signify a big shift in outdoor lighting design. Trends show more business and leisure activities moving outside every year, and those spaces need a fresh look. Without blocking walkways and views, catenary luminaires can span the light across wide areas. Our new luminaires are perfect for many outdoor applications, including parks, boardwalks, downtown marketplaces, campus walkways, courtyards, amusement parks, dining areas, bridges, atriums, entryways and outdoor event venues—just to name a few. We went to great lengths to ensure these outdoor pendants will exceed the market’s standards for safety, beauty and customizability.

Sequence, Zume and Laterna are all available with two suspension options: catenary (strung by cable between two structural points) or canopy (mounted to a junction box like standard indoor pendants). All three outdoor pendant families are IP65 rated and ETL wet location listed. To ensure long life in rigorous outdoor environments, all catenary models were successfully vibration tested on rigid mounting in accordance with ANSI C136.31: American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment.




A contemporary lantern pendant for any outdoor space 


Laterna, lantern-style outdoor pendant lighting fixture Laterna, a lantern-style outdoor pendant lighting fixture catenary mounted along a brick wall Laterna, a lantern-style outdoor pendant lighting fixture, canopy mounted with jet black finish


Laterna's architectural frame and cylindrical diffuser offer a modern take on the classic lantern design. With its strong angles contrasting a pure inner light, Laterna complements both architectural and natural environments. These fixtures are 17.5" by 17.5", with a standard white acrylic diffuser and 16 standard finish options. Two models are available for catenary and canopy suspension.  


Lanterna outdoor pendant lighting fixture over a patio seating area at restaurant



Sequence LED - Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixture

Our well-known cylinder pendant set free


Sequence offers large catenary outdoor pendant lighting design possibilities Sequence also comes in RGB for vibrant outdoor pendant lighting Slim LED outdoor pendant lighting



Sequence outdoor pendant lighting fixtures, available in white or bold RGB, offer designers the most flexibility with their clean aesthetic and multiple variations. Unlike other catenary luminaires, Sequence fixture bases can be secured from movement by tether for even more design possibilities. This fixture is available in 4" and 8" diameters, in 2', 3' or 4' lengths, and with high/low lumen output. 


RGB in shades of green by Sequence, a catenary-mounted outdoor pendant lighting design





Globe pendants ready to light up the night sky


Zume is an LED globe-style outdoor pendant lighting fixture Zume fixtures catenary-mounted on a pergola for a very cozy outdoor pendant lighting installation Zume outdoor pendant lighting up leaves at night


These iconic and customizable globe luminaires complement their surroundings beautifully—whether mounted below a solid structure or along a catenary cable. Zume can bring a festive, open-air feel to outdoor dining areas or create a crowd-pleasing array with a grid design catenary mount configuration. This fixture has four models: 16" or 20" diameter in catenary or canopy configuration. The globes are standard white acrylic with a frosted option, and the customizable laser-cut spun aluminum cap is available in our 16 standard finishes. 


Zume outdoor pendant lighting fixtures catenary mounted in an outdoor garden




Get Inspired with our Catenary Design Guide—for unique Outdoor Pendant Lighting Design ideas

We are excited to ensure your design's success. Click the links below to download our Catenary Design Guide or view all the optional Catenary Accessories. This launch includes several Visa Lighting-engineered quick connection accessories for easy installation and maintenance. 



Outdoor Pendant Lighting Design Guide for Catenary Installations

Catenary Design Guide


Catenary Accessories