New Video Showcases Innovative Hospital Lighting from Visa Lighting

  • Thu, 11/21/2013


For Immediate Release

Milwaukee, Wisconsin November 21, 2013

A new video highlighting the benefits and features of Visa Lighting’s Unity healthcare line of lighting has been released. The professionally shot video covers all the innovative aspects of the Unity luminaires and shows how they are a vast improvement over typical hospital lighting.

“We wanted to produce a video that showed our Unity line of patient room lighting and how beneficial proper lighting can be for patients and healthcare environments,” said Kathleen Packard, Healthcare Market Development Manager of Visa Lighting. Creating a sense of calm, comfort and security are some of the goals for designing a healing environment for patients. “Designing an environment for patients with a warm residential feel and good lighting can encourage the healing process and make the patient’s stay as relaxed and stress free as possible. That is what we have shown in our new video,” Kathleen says.

Unity is now offered in LED as well as fluorescent sources. The Unity LED over-bed multi-function lighting, designed for hospital patient care rooms and medical facilities, reduce energy use from 25-50% over traditional fluorescent lighting. Along with separate switchable reading, ambient and exam lighting, options also include enhanced blue spectrum. There is also a color changing option to provide visual interest which can help relax patients or provide a positive distraction from a stressful environment.

A further innovation that is focused on in the video is the optional amber night light function of Unity. The amber night light provides light for the caregiver to observe the patient at night without waking them up. Traditional white night lights can be disruptive to the patient’s sleep cycle while amber night lights provide illumination without interruption. “As patients in hospitals can spend an extended period of time relatively immobile, we wanted our Unity lighting to help make the whole experience positive and enjoyable,” Kathleen said. “Lighting in a patient’s room can make a big difference to the overall environment and can help to provide a comfortable environment that is less institutional. Our new video helps to capture this on film in an exciting and informative way.”

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