Visa Lighting's new LVPC-DIM

  • Tue, 03/10/2015

Now patient rooms can easily incorporate dimmed lighting with a single button control found at most patient bedsides.   

The LVPC-DIM module adds dimming capability of two lighting loads via low-voltage, momentary contact switches.  Press and release the button to turn the lights on and off, press and hold the button to dim up or down.  Dimmed lighting can enhance the patient experience by providing individual control of the environment, which is comforting when much of what happens in a hospital is out of the patient’s control.  On/Off Control of a third load is also provided, which may then be combined with the dimmable loads to provide elevated light levels where desired.

Additional improvements made over the previous generation controller include an increase in the current rating per load to a maximum of 5A per load.  The maximum ambient temperature rating increased to 80 degrees C and the case is 60% smaller than before, now only 9” x 1.9” x 1.1”.  Poke-in terminal blocks were added for easy installation. 

It installs in dry locations using a suitable electrical enclosure or within the luminaire (space and temperature permitting).  It is UL 508 listed for the US and Canada and is RoHS compliant

Only a single switch is required for full control of each load, allowing use of existing patient controls and simple momentary wall switches.

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