About Visa Lighting

Visa Lighting assembly floor, demonstrating our made in America manufacturing experience and craftsmanship

Visa Lighting's Mission: 

To forge bold, exceptional experiences through progression and creative collaboration.



Visa Lighting

1717 W. Civic Dr
Milwaukee, WI 53209

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Toll-free: 800-788-VISA






To Forge

Our ingenuity is an effort tempered by grit. Expert teams of Visa Lighting designers and engineers shape, study, and reshape each luminaire until it meets the Visa Lighting standard.  



In order to remain valuable to you, our customers, we have to be daring. The lighting industry has transformed in the last few years—we think for the better. By welcoming new ideas and challenges, we can stay ahead of that wave.  



It's easy to claim to be the best. It's a little more difficult to follow through. Every new venture moving forward is designed to answer specifier needs and exceed specifier expectations.  



Lighting is a delicate building element, one that touches every aspect of the occupant experience. We understand how subtle variations in light can impact mood, style, energy usage, and even the function of a space.  


Through Progression

We've been around for a long time—nearly 100 years. At our age, people expect us to follow a predictable path. But we'd rather learn and grow. New designers and fresh designs enter this industry every day, and we will continue evolving too. Sometimes that means looking back at our past experiences to inform decisions, and sometimes that means looking ahead to predict what could impact lighting in the future. We know we must remain fluid.  


And Creative

This business is an infinite exercise in creative problem solving. With so many components to consider, and with the added capability of LED, our job is to test every angle until we develop a solution that works.  



You know how many people are involved in bringing a building to life—and how intertwined their objectives can be. We have access to exceptional research and the most creative minds. But one element can't be quantified: you. The most valuable method for developing product is to speak to those who will be designing the space, installing the fixtures, maintaining the system, and yes, working and living in that new environment. Only through purposeful collaboration can we offer real solutions.