Photometry and Lighting Calculations

Estimating the performance of a lighting plan within a space is an important part of lighting design, since fixtures and their locations must usually be selected well in advance of their installation. Modern lighting calculations use software that takes the geometry of the space, information about the luminaires used, and their locations to predict metrics such as illuminance, visual comfort, and energy consumption.
Photometry is a branch of engineering focused on both characterizing the performance of luminaires and calculating their effects on the built environment. Luminaire photometrics (how fixtures perform) are a key element for lighting calculations (how the space will perform) and modern tools give designers and specifiers the ability to quickly determine whether a lighting plan will meet their requirements for aesthetics, energy management, and visual performance.

Applications Assistance

For a lighting calculation please contact your local Visa Lighting Representative or the Visa Lighting Applications Engineering Group with the specifications for your project space.

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