We understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable space for patients while ensuring the well-being of both patients and staff. Our goal is to provide facilities with a comprehensive range of lighting solutions designed specifically for behavioral health/high abuse environments.

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    A Complete Product Offering

    Visa Lighting's behavioral health/high abuse lighting brings a complete product offering with an aesthetic that provides comfort and strength. We prioritize patient safety and have developed innovative solutions using resilient materials that have passed rigorous testing. Our luminaires are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, including the requirements set by the New York State Office of Mental Health and other industry recommendations.

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    The Role of Lighting

    In today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the role of lighting in patient care has become increasingly essential. Quality lighting can significantly impact patient outcomes, promote healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall patient experiences. Our solutions are designed to create a therapeutic environment that promotes tranquility and security.

Behavioral Health/High Abuse Facilities

We understand that lighting in behavioral health/high abuse facilities must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also address the unique challenges of these specialized environments. That's why we have developed lighting fixtures with features such as impact resistance, ligature resistance, and tamper resistance. Each of our luminaires undergo vigorous testing to withstand the demands of behavioral health/high abuse settings, ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our collaborative approach to product development. We work closely with specifiers and industry professionals to understand and address their concerns through our designs. By incorporating new concepts that align with current aesthetic, performance, and safety standards, we bring cutting-edge solutions to behavioral health/high abuse lighting.