Visa Lighting's "Made in Milwaukee" Philosophy

Introducing the Philosophy

At Visa Lighting, our Made in Milwaukee philosophy represents a deep commitment to American manufacturing. Situated within a singular facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, both our office and factory work together seamlessly to design, develop, and produce high quality, forward-thinking products that are truly American made.
We will dive into the facets that make up this philosophy including our in-house factory, training process, teamwork mentality, commitment to the market, made-to-order products, locally sourced materials, and sustainability efforts. Each of these aspects contributes a benefit, but when combined, they allow us to excel. All of these practices contribute to the Visa Lighting difference individually, but when they coexist, that is what truly brings out our excellence.

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    Our Factory

    From the initial concept to the final assembly, every detail of our fixtures is carefully executed in house. This approach allows us to control and refine every step of the process and fosters a culture of ownership and dedication among our employees.
    The capability to promptly exchange feedback and engage in collaborative efforts yields streamlined procedures that guarantee exceptional quality. As Mark Hastings, Vice President of Product Engineering, puts it, “I wouldn't want to work in a different environment. I love having our office and factory under the same roof”.
    Housing all divisions in one facility additionally provides enhanced ability to rapidly modify, improve and adapt existing products. With designers, engineers, and production located just a floor apart, this agility makes responding to customer requests a quick and seamless endeavor, and every department remains informed about real-time adjustments and decisions.
    Andy DeRosia, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, emphasizes the advantages of this method: “We can have a part redesigned in an hour and get it back into production immediately because we're all here”.

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    Training Process

    These advantages track all the way back to an employee’s initial training at Visa Lighting. Every team member, irrespective of their position in the organization, undergoes training in the factory to gain a comprehensive understanding of the production process. This holistic practice fosters a teamwork mentality and introduces new employees to the collaborative culture that is intrinsic to Visa Lighting from day one.

    Teamwork Mentality

    Just as our introductory training prepares us, the team is always ready to support one another, regardless of their job title or role within the company. We lean into the importance of teamwork and collective efforts to accomplish our goals.
    As Rick Diehl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states, "At Visa Lighting, we don’t like to throw things over the wall – but if there is a ball in the air, someone catches it and runs with it”. With this all-hands-on-deck mentality, we are committed to getting the job done as efficiently as possible and doing whatever is needed to take every project to the finish line.  
    This open and proactive mindset significantly contributes to our team environment and ultimately leads to our collective success as a company.


Listening to the Market

At the heart of our philosophy lies a commitment to actively engage with the market and our clients. We understand that by closely listening to their needs, we can decipher precise requirements and leverage our wealth of experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions that truly add value.  
This relationship with market feedback isn't just a facet of our approach; it's the cornerstone. Our ability to provide custom modifications stands as a prime example of how we're attuned to even the most nuanced desires. These small-scale, specific alterations are not only a testament to our dedication but also serve as a reminder of how connectivity keeps us continuously relevant and invaluable to our customer’s endeavors. Keeping a pulse on the market and embodying a customer-centric focus, we take pride in our role as not just a lighting provider, but a partner

Sourcing Materials Locally

As part of our sustainable business practices, we strive to source all of our materials as locally as possible. The majority are within a one state radius, and many of our suppliers are in Milwaukee or southeastern Wisconsin.

This local supply chain has numerous advantages, not least of which is supporting our local economy and similar American-made businesses. More practically, it furthers our ability to tightly control our quality, as well as rapidly iterate, modify, and improve products on a scale that importers or mass-producers can’t match. Local shipping cuts time, cost, and environmental impact as well.


Sourcing our materials locally is just one way to minimize our footprint. Sustainability is considered at every step, from material selection and ‘cradle-to-cradle design, to recycling manufacturing scrap and office waste, to thoughtful packaging and sourcing.
Most importantly, our products are made to be long-lasting, energy efficient, and of the highest quality. We measure our products’ useful life in the field in decades, not years, and our warranty and after sales support eliminate the need to regularly throw out and replace components or entire fixtures. When the fixtures do reach the end of their end of life, they are designed to be easily disassembled and recycled. This is truly a win-win for our customers and the environment, and is made possible by our control over quality, and commitment to the customer.

Milwaukee skylineMastering Made-To-Order

Craftsmanship flourishes when quality, capability, and customization converge. By producing our lighting solutions locally and exclusively to order, we embrace a level of control over the manufacturing process, supply chain, and production schedule that sets us apart.  
Unlike companies that merely stock products or rely on imports, our distinctive approach empowers us to provide real value to our customers. The importance of responsiveness, adaptability, and above all quality that we infuse into our operations echoes in every product that leaves our facility. This confidence in our Made in Milwaukee quality wouldn't be possible without our unwavering commitment to crafting brilliance right here, tailored to the specific desires of our customers.

Embracing the Philosophy  

All in all, Visa Lighting’s Made in Milwaukee philosophy encompasses deep roots in the values of teamwork, collaboration, customer needs, and community. Working with Visa Lighting not only means receiving high quality products, but also supporting the local community and contributing to a more sustainable world of lighting.

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