A slideshow of custom and modified lighting products by Visa Lighting

Bespoke Commercial Lighting 

Tailored Luminaire Design and Product Modifications

When architects, designers, or their clients, want something unique for a space they are designing and realize that the ideal lighting product doesn’t seem to exist yet, Visa Lighting has a solution. Our talented applications engineers and product designers are ready to collaborate with you to make your envisioned luminaire a reality.   

Custom lighting solutions are crucial when trying to match the style of an existing space, perhaps a space of historical significance, or simply attempting to blend into a space that strongly represents a specific design era. Other times, a custom solution is necessary to create a fixture that precisely fits into an unusually shaped space, sometimes changing the scale of a luminaire to better match the proportions of a space. Visa Lighting’s custom lighting capabilities also come in handy if you want a light to function in a special way, whether that means a fixture that illuminates in a particular way or a light that changes color for different purposes. Whatever your situation, we are able to modify or customize a lighting solution that will elevate your project to the next level.

Modifications and Variations to an Existing Product

Request Variations and Customizations for a Unique Lighting Aesthetic

At Visa Lighting, we do our best to provide standard lighting models with variations in size, sources, accents, mounting, and light distribution. Sometimes, however, the available luminaires aren't precisely what you want.

When that happens, our applications engineers are prepared to discuss what can be done to modify the standard products offered or to create custom lighting solutions just for you.

Why Choose Modifications and Variations Over Custom?

Modifications and Variations involve taking an existing Visa Lighting fixture, and modifying it per a specifier’s request. It could be as simple as creating a unique canopy for a product cluster, adding a decorative element or logo, changing the size of a fixture, altering the lumen output to be brighter or dimmer, or affecting the color temperature of a light source. Essentially, at Visa Lighting, modifications occur when the overall design of a fixture is good, but the client needs one feature to change for the fixture to be perfect for their space. Modifications tend to be a less expensive choice. Because modified luminaires are based on existing products, we can complete the process more quickly, and depending on the situation, avoid potentially costly ETL testing for heat and safety. 

Sometimes a design is so specialized and unique, there is no other way but a custom solution. The process does take longer and cost more than modifying an existing product, but the final results of custom solutions Visa Lighting has created in the past have often been stunning and well worth the extra effort.

Custom Luminare Design – from Start to Finish

Get a Look That's All Your Own

All of Visa Lighting’s custom luminaires begin in our applications department with a quote requested by the client’s sales rep. Our engineers then work directly with the client to develop the design and we’ll create a 2D, and occasionally 3D, layout. Once both parties are satisfied with the design, our applications engineer works with the plant manager and the customs engineer to determine a schedule.

After the design, costs, and schedule have been established, the client will send Visa Lighting a purchase order with the agreed upon parameters. Engineering takes it from there and designs all of the parts.

Those designs are sent along to our plant to be manufactured and built, on-site, by our highly skilled craftspeople. The applications engineer and sales rep who worked with the client in the beginning will have a chance to inspect the custom fixture to make sure it matches the look and feel of what the client is expecting. If it all looks good, any necessary testing will be completed and the unique product will be shipped to the client.