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Light is a crucial component of healing and well-being, for patients, family caregivers, and for the healthcare staff. At Visa Lighting, we aspire to match function and comfort with our innovative product engineering and patient-centered lighting designs. We work with healthcare design professionals, medical professionals, clinicians, and caregivers to ensure our products’ performance enhance and support best practices for medical environments.


Award Winning HARMONY Multifunction Light

Designed To Improve The Patient Experience

Our award winning Harmony healthcare overbed luminaire was developed with a unique cove-like diffused lens which provides comfortable, controllable illumination designed to improve the patient experience. The sleek, simple design features a smooth, cleanable surface that efficiently and effectively delivers the recommended illumination for the patient and staff through the specifier's preferred lighting control system.

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Overbed Healthcare Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling Mounted Lighting for Patient Rooms

Designed in collaboration with healthcare specialists, Visa Lighting's overbed luminaires provide ambient and exam lighting directly over the patient bed. Multiple modes in each fixture are optimized to allow healthcare staff to adjust light levels for the best possible care. Exam mode produces high lumens for visual acuity during medical examinations. Patients can switch to ambient mode for comforting general lighting or to the reading mode for a focused distribution at the head of the bed. Our overbed families offer optional 90 CRI, optional night light sources, and complementary models for sconce or table lighting.

Headwall Lighting

Patient Headwall Lights for Hospital Lighting Applications

Headwall luminaires are long, wall mounted luminaires installed behind the head of a patient bed. They provide patients with comfortable ambient illumination throughout the day.

Visa Lighting's headwall fixtures offer greater patient lighting control by featuring multiple light levels, night light options, cleanable surfaces, and fabric-like materials.

Sconces for Healthcare

Wall Sconces Create Comforting Indirect Light

Like all of Visa Lighting's healthcare lighting options, our sconces are designed to provide a diffuse, healing light for patients and caregivers. These lights are beautiful, yet durable, easy to clean, and complement most healthcare spaces. Some of these luminaires even offer subtle textured design details which bring welcome homelike touches to soften the effect of a sterile healthcare environment. 

Tunable Lighting

Lighting Product with Circadian Color Tuning Option

Tunable lighting designs require tunable luminaires to help regulate patient sleep, mood, stress levels, and connection to the outside world.

With two-channel and five-channel sources available in several models, we're modifying our collections to include more tunability options on luminaires that fit in many different applications. 

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Healthcare Vanity Lighting

Hospital Bathrooms Never Looked So Good

One lighting area in sterile patient rooms, that can be more challenging to clean than others, is in the bathroom. Visa Lighting solves this challenge by offering an option that combines vanity lighting into an impact resistant mirror making it easy to clean and safe to use in behavioral healthcare/high abuse settings. This option, as well as most of our other vanity lighting options, meet the minimum 90 CRI standard sources, and are ETL rated for wet locations.

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