We understand that healthcare lighting goes beyond simply providing illumination. It plays a fundamental role in creating a comforting environment for patients, caregivers, and family members alike.

  • Healthcare Design Best Practices

    Lighting is vital for healing, which is why we've developed our products to adhere to medical design best practices and application requirements within each space. Our healthcare lighting solutions are thoughtfully crafted to bring a sense of comfort and well-being throughout the medical environment from the waiting rooms and emergency rooms to the lobby, nurses' stations, procedure spaces, and patient rooms.

    Healthcare Lighting Solutions
  • Visage with Vara Kamin finish in doctor's office

    Wide Range of Options

    Our comprehensive range of styles, finishes, and options enhance all intersections of the patient experience. One example is the Impressions of Light Images, designed by Vara Kamin. These images are applied to specialty luminaire diffusers permitting light to emit through engaging arrays of color and texture. Being abstract, the images allow every viewer to calmly tap into their own internal resources and interpret the imagery using their emotions and imaginations. In stressful healthcare environments, the images help stimulate the relaxation response in patients.

Tunable Lighting

We are constantly innovating our products to ensure quality and alignment with industry needs. This commitment to innovation is reflected in the advanced technologies we incorporate into our healthcare lighting fixtures. For example, tunable lighting allows for the regulation of patient sleep, mood, stress levels, and connection to the outside world. Our tunable luminaires provide the flexibility needed to create the perfect lighting environment for optimal patient care.

Symmetry Tunable Video

The Power of Beautiful Design

At Visa Lighting, we believe in the power of beautiful design to promote well-being and strive to create visually appealing fixtures that contribute to a positive and healing atmosphere.