• Painted Light Fixture Finishes

    Without using solvents or hazardous materials, our powder coat painting process is more consistent, more durable, and more environmentally friendly than conventional liquid. Designers can choose from various color options without worrying about safety and sustainability.

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  • Alternative Metal Finishes

    We have developed several beautiful alternative finishes to satisfy that sleek, contemporary style while remaining environmentally responsible and faithful to your local building codes.

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  • Premium Metals and Acrylics

    Our select metal light fixture finishes are hand-spun and polished by true Milwaukee artisans with decades of craftsmanship experience. We also offer several premium acrylic diffuser options, including three Lumicor designs and custom Lumicor capabilities.

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  • Acoustic Damping Materials

    Our acoustic damping materials absorb sound, reducing noise levels in a room. Acoustic panels are currently available on our Celest-TR, Celest-SQ and Celest-HX products.

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Brochure and Color Samples

Finishes FAQs

Visa powdercoating process

We've compiled this list of frequently asked questions regarding our available finishes. These are subject to change according to standards and market demands. Contact Visa Lighting for additional information. 

What finish types does Visa Lighting offer? 

Finishes are broken down into four categories:

  1. Painted Finishes
  2. Alternative Metal Finishes
  3. Premium Metals and Acrylics
  4. Acoustic Damping Materials

Is there a price difference between finish types?

Yes, the painted finishes are typically the most economical. There are additional costs associated with our premium metals and acrylics, alternative metal finishes, and acoustic damping materials.

Are all finishes available on all products?

No, finishes for each fixture are listed on their individual spec sheet.

What painted finishes are considered standard? 

All 21 painted finishes listed in Visa Lighting’s offering are standard. Visa Lighting’s color palette also features some RAL powder coat colors. In addition to the RAL colors, other colors available include popular metallic paint colors. Visa Lighting’s painted finishes are durable, architectural grade, no VOC powder coat. Custom colors are available with a set-up fee. If a RAL number is used, a sample is not required. A sample is required when not using a RAL number. There is no minimum quantity required for custom colors.

What are Metal Finishes?

Metal finishes are achieved by making the parts out of brass, bronze, copper or aluminum and adding a brushed or mirror finish. The final step is to add an ultra clear low VOC topcoat or low VOC pigmented lacquer for alternative metal finishes. Note: Metal finishes are not available on all products.

Is the lead time the same for all finish types? 

The lead time is the same for all standard paint colors and metal finishes. However, custom paint colors may add an additional one to two weeks to the lead time.