The UNITY Lighting Family Creates Comfort in Patient Rooms

Add comfort to hospital patient rooms with unity lighting

Visa Lighting's award winning Unity lighting family brings to mind the gentle curves of fabric billowing in a breeze, offering soft, natural light to promote patient comfort throughout the healthcare space. Unity's special curved lens is utilized in all mounting types across this collection, whether from smooth acrylic or fabric-like tri-lam diffusers.

Application Photos

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Designed for Patient Comfort with an Unique Aesthetic

Illuminated Curved Lenses Bring Softness into the Patient Room

The Unity lighting family's curved lens is designed for warmth, visual comfort, and multi-functionality. These lights are a cohesive family of headwall lights, overbed lights, table lamps, sconces, ceiling slots, and wall slots. Unity creates a relaxed, homelike atmosphere for the patient to promote healing and overall wellbeing.

  • UNITY Overbed Lights

    Designed in collaboration with healthcare specialists, Unity overbed luminaires provide ambient and exam lighting directly over the patient bed.

    Multiple modes in each fixture are optimized to allow healthcare staff to adjust light levels for the best possible care.

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  • UNITY Headwall Lights

    Headwall luminaires are long, wall-mounted lights installed behind the head of a patient bed. They provide patients with comfortable ambient illumination throughout the day.

    The Unity headwall fixtures feature multiple light levels, night light options, cleanable surfaces, and fabric-like materials.

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UNITY Wall Sconces

Create a Homelike Atmosphere for the Patient

The Unity sconce has an amber night light option to minimize patient disturbance. The sconce also has an antimicrobial housing finish which makes the surface easy to clean.


UNITY Slot Lighting