Ring Pendant Light

The Cosmo ring pendant is 34" in diameter and suspended by thin low-voltage cables. Cosmo stands out from other ring pendant lights because it provides ambient easy-on-the-eyes light output from hidden LEDs within the slim, sleek form. 

Cosmo has a futuristic look with nods to modern mid-century design while offering specifier grade features and sources. Select any of our Powder Coat Paint or Alternative Metal Finishes for the lower ring. 

  • Suspended from low voltage power cable
  • Sources are 0-10v dimmable to 1%
  • High or low lumen outputs in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, optional 90+ CRI
  • Integral driver in canopy
  • BAA (Buy American Act) and BABA (Build American, Buy America) compliant

The Cosmo pendant can be finished in our Non-VOC powder coat colors or our exclusive Eco-Friendly Metal Finishes.

Velvet Black
Deoro Gold
Agate Grey
Alpine Green
Baja Beige
Cove Blue
Glacier White
Harbor Grey
Jet Black
Ocean Blue
Sagebrush Green
Shoreline Grey
Slate Grey
Sierra Taupe
Terracotta Canyon
Traffic White
Vineyard Red
Blade Silver
Graphite Silver
Bronze Matte
Alternative Metal
Brushed Chrome Alternative
Satin Nickel Alternative
Brushed Brass Alternative
Brushed Bronze Alternative
Pewter Alternative
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Alternative
Rustic Brass Alternative
Brushed Copper Alternative
  • Custom colors
  • Larger sizes
  • Chandelier-like fixture cluster

Product Specifications & Documents


  • W
  • X
  • OAH
  • 34" (864 mm)
  • 3-5/8" (92 mm)
  • 36" (914 mm)
  • CCT
  • 3000K
  • Lumens
  • L: 2900-3000
    H: 4400-4600
  • Watts
  • L: 32
    H: 52
  • Driver
  • Integral
    Remote Emergency opt.
  • Control
  • 0-10V to 1%
  • Listings
  • Damp

Ring pendant with nods to modern mid-century design

A sleek, two-tone luminaire View Cosmo Gallery

Outstanding Form and Function

Many ring pendants on the market offer sleek form factors but come at the cost of quality light output and have visible diodes or harsh light glare. Cosmo's dual curved ring design provides indirect high-output LED light, creating easy on the eyes ambient illumination. 

  • Ambient Ring Pendant for Modern Interiors

    “The design originated with the contours of the two rings,” says product designer Michael Arndt. "It’s all about how light bounces. The flared lip of the upper ring is designed to reflect light back from the lower ring and illuminate the surface below in a soft bath." 

  • Loft office building with modern furnishings and Visa Lighting ring pendant lights

    Mid-century Modern Silhouette

    Cosmo’s sleek aesthetic is an eye-catching piece in any modern interior. This ring pendant light features curved airy circles that mysteriously illuminate with no visible light source or power cord – thin low-voltage cables power hidden LEDs within the lower ring.