Featured: Sail Disk Pendant Light

Sail LED disk pendant light from Visa Lighting with EdgeGlide

Disk Pendant Light

The Sail LED pendant light is a clean, modern disc pendant featuring EdgeGlideTM Optics with extraordinary illumination.

Unlike other ring style pendants, Sail offers a brilliant halo of light surrounding a 1/2" thin, solid center which can be customized with the application of our powder coat paint colors from our updated palette.

A Galaxy of Light 

For an eye-catching and impressive effect, mount a grouping of Sail pendants together, in a variety of sizes and at varying heights and angles, to produce a true galaxy of light.

With its adjustable mounting angles and 20+ eco-friendly finish options, Sail is versatile enough for any application. Imagine these pendants uniformly spaced in larger rooms, or grouped in clusters for a stunning statement. These configurations are perfect for any large venue space with open, high ceilings like an atrium, lobby, large conference room, or cafeteria. Or use the smaller diameter pendants for suspension over conference tables, in waiting rooms, general office spaces, or other intimate settings. "Sail can be a statement piece, especially with a cluster or arrangement – but can also be very minimalist and defer to the architecture in the right space.” - Ryan Oldenburg, Executive VP

With simple elegance, Sail makes a bold statement and will work with a wide range of applications such as hospitality, corporate workplace, healthcare, and education.

High-Performance EdgeGlideTM Optics


Despite its remarkable modern style, Sail is not a just a decorative light fixture. Sail's efficient, high-quality LED array provides outstanding performance with unexpected lumen output delivered from our own EdgeGlide optic technology. EdgeGlide produces incredibly efficient ambient illumination at the profile's edge without producing any awkward shadows or excessive glare. Visa Lighting's designers and engineers worked closely together to develop the optics that would achieve the desired lumen output. Ultimately, our team was able to achieve Sail's significant output by expertly dialing in the perfect amount of acrylic with the precise LED configuration, creating the intentional, luminous outline with usable direct-indirect illumination.

Dimmable LEDs are offered in 30K, 35K and 40K color temperatures available in low or high output levels ranging from 1550 to 5700 delivered lumens depending on fixture size, while maintaining consistent luminance across the range of diameters.

A Beautiful Handcrafted Pendant

Every Sail disk pendant is proudly made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Visa Lighting's own skilled craftspeople. Our high-standard manufacturing process, combined with the EdgeGlide LED optics ensure that these minimalist pendants are engineered to create a beautiful combination of performance, craft, and unique aesthetics.

Sail 32" Pendant Deoro Gold
Sail 24" Pendant - Ocean Blue
Sail 18" Pendant Terracotta Canyon
Sail 24" Pendant - Ocean Blue 2


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