Lighting Design for the Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Visa Lighting designed behavioral health lighting for one of the nation's top children's hospitals, meeting high standards for both aesthetics and function, with luminaires built for safe installation in patient rooms.

By Laurie Emery

Nationwide HospitalNationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, is recognized as one of the country's “Best Children’s Hospitals," according to the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report. In February of 2020, Nationwide held the grand opening of their new 386,000 square foot, nine-story Behavioral Health Pavilion. With the fundraising help of Big Lots corporation, this facility has become a reality.

Desired Outcomes

Unique attributes of the new facility include its location on the Nationwide campus and design influenced by evidence-based treatment philosophies. The facility's desired outcome was to provide access to the community and to behavioral health services in an environment that will be comforting and healing to the patients and families they are serving.

Incorporating Technology

Our team at Visa Lighting worked with the designers to transform some of our most popular healthcare products into fixtures that could be used in a behavioral health environment and yet still maintain the aesthetic design initially envisioned. These fixtures inspired our Visa Lighting design team to incorporate multiple lighting technologies into a single product helping to reduce the number of products needed to produce the desired results and in turn reducing costs.

We are pleased that through this experience, we could add six new product designs that are currently installed in all patient rooms in the Nationwide Behavioral Health Pavilion. And we haven’t stopped there. We have expanded our behavioral health offering to include additional products for exam rooms as well as decorative applications. We continue to research new products for behavioral health lighting and to add to our expansive line of healthcare lighting products to meet the needs of healthcare design. In doing so, we can best support healthcare providers and their patients’ well-being.

Design Requirements

Visa Lighting partnered with the design team at Nationwide to develop lighting products that would meet the function and aesthetics desired and that could be safely installed in patient rooms. The lighting products had to withstand rigorous testing through Architects + to meet the safety guidelines of the New York State – Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH) for impact resistance, ligature resistance, and IP65 rating. The design team requested lighting fixtures that could create color therapy in the patient rooms safely and functionally and provide comfortable illumination while eliminating an institutional aesthetic.

In addition, the designers needed products that could be dimmable and controlled by patients as well as controllable by staff from outside the space including dimmable amber lighting for nighttime use with the intent to reduce the effects of melatonin reduction during times of sleeping and resting. Symmetry ceiling fixture for behavioral health

Nationwide Hospital for Children. Sole luminaire

Visa Lighting's Sole lighted mirror can be seen in patient rooms at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

With an impact-resistant mirrored polycarbonate and tamper-proof hardware, this mirror is ideal for patient bathrooms. Sole’s attractive aesthetic fits high-end hospitality designs, providing a warm, relaxing environment for behavioral health facility patients. The Sole sources are minimum 90 CRI standard, with an optional amber LED night light.

Nationwide Gig and Symmetry | Visa Lighting

Visa Lighting's Symmetry ceiling light can be seen in patient rooms at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

This round ceiling light with beautiful concave lens, is available in 23" or 45" diameters. Sources include standard white in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K, Tunable, optional amber night light sources, and Ambient, Exam, and Combined modes for patient room overbed models.

View our six high abuse models tested to IK10+ standards for behavioral health lighting.

Nationwide with Gig and Symmetry | Visa Lighting

Visa Lighting's Gig task light can be seen in patient rooms at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

With a IK10+ (100 joules) high abuse impact rating, an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, and ligature resistant construction, this compact task light is designed for patient and caregiver safety. More importantly, its minimalist, attractive design and high quality illumination provide visual comfort. With optional touch dimming, patients and staff can easily control output without additonal switches.

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