January 6, 2022

Bell Pendant Lighting: Curved and Modern Forms

Visa Lighting is Excited to Unveil its New LED Bell Pendant Lighting

The new Brin and Rocket LED pendant lighting by Visa Lighting are classic bell shaped pendants equipped with modern glare-reducing LED technology. Subtle differences in the outer shade design details of these small pendant lights evoke unique personalities.

These bell pendant lights were designed to easily fit the aesthetic and mood of your interior space.

Brin Cafe TableClassic Pendant Lights Crafted by Hand

Two main components of Brin and Rocket are hand-rolled and spun aluminum, techniques that our Visa Lighting craftspeople have been perfecting for decades. We combine these handmade bell shaped housings with the latest LED technology and engineering to create a beautiful combination of performance and craft.

These high performance classic pendant lights are offered in a variety of LED color temperatures with a 90CRI option and an integral LED driver hidden within the canopy.

Brin and Rocket's quality craftsmanship will give your space a premier aesthetic that can’t be matched by mass produced lighting products.

Tapered Bell Pendant Lights in a study area

Bell Pendant Lighting With Optimized LEDs

Rather than exposed lamping, these bell pendant lights feature a flat, acrylic surface that evenly diffuses the LED light sources. This specialty LED diffuser was optimized to reduce glare and provide you with the most comfortable high output light possible.

This flat diffuser fits perfectly in a concave curved reflector design so these pendants look beautiful from every angle. This optimized LED diffuser allows the Brin and Rocket to provide light in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way, enhancing your space with a more even ambient-style downlight.

These classic pendant lights produce downlight exclusively, which lends itself well to both large, open spaces like lobbies, office workspaces, and retail floors, as well as cozy environments like dining areas, hospitality, conference rooms, and other intimate spaces.