May 20, 2021

CELEST Large Venue Pendants With Acoustic Panels

The Celest pendants with acoustic panels provide modern lighting options for large high traffic architectural spaces

Celest Office LightingVisa Lighting is excited to introduce the Celest collection. These large venue pendant lights boast three modern designs in geometric shapes: triangle, rectangle, and hexagon. Each pendant is offered in two sizes: Celest HX – 24" and 48", Celest SQ – 26" and 48", and Celest TR – 18" and 36".

Celest was designed with large, evenly illuminated acrylic lenses to provide high lumen output in a comfortable, glare-free way. These bold architectural luminaires boast high lumen packages that allow them to be major light sources in large open spaces such as offices, lobbies, atriums, theaters, auditoriums, conference halls, and more. The geometric fixtures are available with color temperatures including 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with semi-direct or direct-indirect light distribution options.

The Celest collection is available in our 21 standard painted finishes, our exclusive eco-friendly alternative metal finishes, and our new acoustic dampening materials in a broad range of neutral and bright colors.

Acoustic dampening materials absorb sound, reducing noise levels in a room. Acoustic solutions are becoming more important as we look to healthy office designs and large interior spaces of the future. Some of the benefits of adding acoustic dampening materials to your large venue space include: the reduction of echoes and background noise, improved sound quality for clear conversations, and an increased sense of peacefulness that can help reduce stress and improve well-being for those spending long periods within the space.

Visa Lighting Celest acoustic pendant lights

Most acoustic dampening light fixtures do not have enough surface area to make a real difference unless many fixtures are used. The Visa Lighting Celest pendants are large enough to provide significant acoustic effects without overloading a space. Acoustic panels are applied to the sides of the geometric shapes providing multiple, large flat surface areas of sound dampening material; it's also a fun way to add texture and color.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC, is a measure of how much sound a surface absorbs across the range of typical human speech. Sabins are a measure of the equivalent area of an object if it were made of 100 percent sound absorbent material. Put in mathematical terms, sabins = real area x NRC. This formula is a key part of any acoustic calculation. The acoustic panels Visa Lighting employ on Celest offer between 5.4 ft² to 21.7 ft² sabins, depending on the model shape and size chosen. The bottom line is that if you add more surfaces in your space with high sabins values, it will decrease the sound reverberation time and create a quieter environment.

Celest’s large, paneled sides also provide the perfect canvas for modification and custom opportunities. Logos, patterns, and other custom designs can easily be added.

Visa Lighting Celest acoustic pendant light

“When creating the Celest large venue collection, our task was to create a modern luminaire as an alternative to the traditional large venue bowl or dome lights,” says Visa Lighting Product Engineer Zac Perszyk. “We took this to the next level by thinking about the needs of large venue spaces and addressing things like acoustics, reducing light glare, and adding output options for emphasizing indirect or direct lighting. Because we often process custom product requests, we also designed these fixtures to be canvas-like, serving as a blank slate for a designer’s ideas.”

Another feature of the Celest products is their environmentally friendly components. Our Celest collection is made from highly recyclable and lightweight aluminum. The acoustic dampening felt is 100 percent recyclable polyester material and can assist with LEED project points. To reduce transportation costs and packaging materials, these pendants are packed and shipped flat, and the panels can be easily attached on-site.

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