November 8, 2022

New Painted Finishes

Expanded Paint Color Offering – Inspired by Nature

New Paints & Finishes

Visa Lighting’s new finishes palette is inspired by nature. These new colors and textures work well with current design trends, while also being carefully chosen as colors that will stand the test of time. Professional interiors, like those found in healthcare, educational, hospitality, and office settings are all striving to feel warmer and more welcoming. Our new palette will not only enhance your designs by bringing that warmth, but also by seamlessly blending our lighting into your space. Plus, these natural tones pair together beautifully with our newer two color luminaires like Nacelle, Brin, Rocket, Riff, and Hellen.

"The development of our ‘inspired by nature’ palette was motivated by a desire to move on from sterile, minimalist colorways. These new muted colors are playful enough to make a statement, yet soft enough to feel like a natural element in the modern built environment."
– Hans Nielsen, Senior Product Designer

Durable & Sustainable 

Visa Lighting remains committed to creating finishes that are durable and sustainable. To that end, we offer our 21 standard powder coat paint finishes for all of our indoor and outdoor fixtures. This method eliminates runs, drips and sags during the painting process, which results in a higher quality product. Significantly more durable than conventional liquid painting, powder coat paint protects against chips, abrasions, UV light, chemicals, and heat (up to 400° F).

Color Matching Options

If you have a specific color need, that’s not a problem for us. Visa Lighting’s unparalleled ability to customize products includes additional RAL colors as well as custom colors and creative textures to match your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Exclusive Alternative Metal Finishes

Visa Lighting’s alternative metal finishes, which are available on certain fixtures to attain a metal look without the cost and environmental damage of standard metals, also pair well with our new color palette. If you’re wondering why choosing an alternative finish would be better than the “real thing” consider that even aside from the cost savings, these specially developed alternative metal finishes utilize a dye application within a UV resistant clear coating over a recyclable aluminum substrate. The end result is natural metal appearance – with none of the environmental issues that can affect building code standards.

Visa Lighting knows that this new and improved finishes palette offers the best and most relevant solutions for our clients. We hope that our inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature will inspire you too.