Long, Luminous Pendants in Varying Lengths, Widths, and Source Types

This style has become ubiquitous in lighting designs across every building type because it highlights the surrounding architecture. It also allows designers the opportunity to be creative with the pure, uniform simplicity from each individual pendant. This also comes in square and mini models.

SEQUENCE Family Application Photos

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Sequence Pendant Lights

An Eye Catching Choice for Your Design Projects

Designed for Both Performance and Aesthetics


The Square Shape Accentuates Vertical Lines

Inspired by our popular Sequence family, Sequence Square luminous rectilinear pendants allow designers to further accentuate vertical lines in the interior architecture. Mounted in clusters of various model lengths and widths, these pendants evoke an eye-catching crystalline structure. Most importantly, the acrylic body is fully luminous, which means illumination doesn’t diminish at the corners or ends.

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The SEQUENCE MINI Can Be Customized, Too!

With a diameter of 2", the Sequence Mini family has all the versatility of the original Sequence and more. With optional downlights, horizontal models, and remote driver or driver-in-canopy options, Sequence Mini can fit into any lighting design.

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