TERRA Collection

Inspired by the Beauty of Nature

The Terra collection combines minimalist aesthetic with clever manufacturing techniques to yield a group of discreetly sophisticated pendants packed with functionality. The form of each pendant mimics a geological feature in an abstract, low-resolution motif. A suspension and canopy design has been developed to allow the installer to rotate the position of each pendant in relation to the space. Diffused up-light provides a softly illuminated ceiling plane combined with a downlight source featuring a variety of distribution options for unparalleled versatility.

The entire Terra Collection is available in all 21 of Visa Lighting’s non-VOC powder coated colors, is compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA) and Build American Buy American (BABA) standards, and is offered with high quality, optional 90+ CRI (2700K sources are 90+ CRI standard).

Terra Collection
TERRA Collection Video

TERRA Collection Video

With four different models of architectural pendants, we are taking the cylinder pendant to the next level. These pendants feature both up and down lights. The form of each pendant mimics a geological feature in an abstract, low-resolution motif.


Evoking the gentle curves of shifting sands, Dune’s elegant form will make a stunning addition to your next design. The softened silhouette of Dune offers an air of comfort, making it perfect for a wide range of applications such as hospitality, corporate, healthcare, and education.

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Capturing the essence of the varied edges of natural promontories brought about the exquisite angles of the Ridge pendant. Make a bold design statement by clustering a group of these luminaires together or suspend individual pendants throughout a space to show off the beautiful details of the Ridge.

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Elevate your next lighting design to new heights with the long, clean lines of the Summit. The deceptively simple, modern, geometric shape of Summit will introduce a pleasant visual interest to any space.

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Recalling the form of the towering formations of the American West, Mesa’s sleek, rounded off edges will blend beautifully with most design aesthetics. Contemporary and stylish, Mesa’s subtle details will enhance lobbies, atriums, conference rooms, and more.

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Application Photos

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