Circadian LED Lighting Technology

Visa Lighting and BIOS have partnered to bring you circadian lighting forms.

Visa Lighting now offers BIOS Circadian Solutions

Visa Lighting and BIOS have partnered to provide state of the art circadian lighting solutions that help humans thrive. We are excited to expand our current circadian light product offering to include BIOS circadian SkyBlue® technology.

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Circadian Lighting

Biological Benefits of BIOS SkyBlue Circadian Lighting

Circadian lighting has been shown to regulate healthy sleeping patterns and promote sleep quality. Many of our personal devices now have an amber or nighttime dimming feature to help this transition to sleep. 

Many of us have experienced times when limited access to daylight has negatively impacted our health with things like eye strain, exhaustion, or a weakened mental health state.

Scientists have now found that the benefits of circadian lighting go beyond short-term wellness and can affect not only our productivity level but are also tied to long-term health. 

Read more about the science behind circadian lighting here

  • What is Circadian Lighting?

    Light greatly impacts our bodies' circadian rhythm, a kind of built-in clock that regulates the timing of biological processes and daily behavior.

    Spending time outdoors keeps our bodies' clocks in alignment, but extended periods of time indoors can prevent these clocks from working properly. However, by incorporating circadian lighting solutions into buildings and architectural designs, we can keep our bodies' clocks better aligned. 

  • Finding the Best Circadian Solutions

    A healthy contrast between daylight and darkness allows our circadian rhythms to function as designed. Circadian light sources like BIOS SkyBlue technology provide the correct light spectrum to work in harmony with your body's circadian rhythm.

    BIOS SkyBlue works with white light LEDs, so it maintains the white light output in familiar color temperatures. SkyBlue® lighting systems can deliver the benefits of natural light without compromising light quality.

Static CircadianWhat Makes BIOS SkyBlue Circadian Lighting Different?

BIOS SkyBlue works with the body on a biological level by providing a specific wavelength of light that stimulates our circadian system. This SkyBlue 490nm wavelength communicates with human biology via a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye, known as ipRGCs (photosensitive retinal ganglion cells). These ipRGCs contain melanopsin (a protein) which, when stimulated by light signals the body to trigger a variety of biological processes, including the production of cortisol and suppression of melatonin production.

Research has shown that our bodies' circadian system has its peak sensitivity in the cyan region near 490nm. That's why SkyBlue delivers a distinct peak in this region, a region where traditional white light LEDs have a significant drop in their spectral content.

By surpassing traditional white LEDs in melanopic content, BIOS SkyBlue optimizes this natural process without increasing illuminance levels or unnatural color temperature changes.

BIOS Currently Offers Two Circadian Lighting Solutions: Static and Dynamic

BIOS 3500K Dynamic Engine

BIOS SkyBlue Dynamic

The dynamic spectrum contains full SkyBlue content and can be dimmed to gradually remove the ‘blue’, while keeping light output constant.

This system is best suited for 24-hour facilities or evening applications where full light output is desired as the day progresses, but there is a desire to minimize circadian impact in the evening.

  • BIOS SkyBlue Dynamic supports daytime circadian stimulus and reduces nighttime circadian stimulus.
  • This system uses an integral Bio-Dimming module to calibrate light levels and regulate spectral changes.
  • This circadian lighting system is the best-in-class lumens per Watt for improved energy efficacy.
  • BIOS SkyBlue Dynamic has Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) of 3.3 or lower to assist in the visual detection of cyanosis.
  • This simple, single-channel control is compatible with all standard dimming and control protocols, making installation easy and inexpensive.
BIOS 3500K Static Engine

BIOS SkyBlue Static

The static spectrum delivers a steady but invisible blue-light boost to white light throughout the day, with superior circadian impact.

This option is best suited for daytime-focused applications, such as offices, outpatient healthcare clinics, and educational facilities.

  • BIOS SkyBlue Static supports proper daytime circadian stimulus.
  • This system is easy to use and requires no additional color temperature or light level adjustments.​
  • The CRI remains excellent, greater than 80 at each color temperature.
  • BIOS SkyBlue Static fits easily within building systems and is compatible with standard 0-10V dimming. 

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