What Type of Lighting is Best for Schools?

LED lights are the best man-made lights for the classroom, but they can not beat natural light. Natural light is the best and most important light to incorporate into the classroom. Natural sunlight provides physical and physiological benefits to both students and teachers alike. Sun in the classroom can improve the health and concentration of students.

Classrooms with more windows or windows that are not covered are inexpensive ways to incorporate natural light in the classroom and to end the use of fluorescent lights.

Application Photos

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Athletic and Fitness Areas

Whether in lower or higher education, athletic spaces often serve as the public face of the school. We provide large luminaires for entryways, sturdy fixtures for sports arenas, and customizable products for school branding.

Lighting Up Productive Learning Environments

Energy Efficient, Durable, and Easy to Maintain

Like many spaces, schools and campuses require lighting that is energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain, and flexible in style. Our luminaires contribute to productive learning environments across the country in classrooms, cafeterias, residence halls, corridors, academic offices, exterior walls, and athletic spaces.

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Classroom Lighting

The activities that occur within the classroom space have evolved with the adoption of technology and pedagogy styles. Rather than simply provide task lighting bright enough for students to work with pencil and paper, classroom lighting now needs to work with projection equipment, screen glare, and multi-purpose activities. Visa Lighting's direct/indirect luminaires help support those busy areas.

Classroom Lighting Needs

The substandard lighting of classrooms is a common problem even at a university level. Our education and classroom lighting collection was designed to provide even illumination with easy LED controls to allow teachers and students to adjust light levels throughout the day. Adjustable glare-free lighting boosts attention and improves student well-being.

These LED lighting options offer energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions for schools in unique lighting forms.