PS24 Remote LED Driver

Remote LED driver allows output from one source to power multiple light fixtures. The PS24 Series of remote LED drivers provide a remote 24VDC power distribution system for LED luminaires. The maximum output of 90W or 96W can power an entire room’s light fixtures, while offering increased AC-DC power conversion efficiency vs. smaller, in-fixture LED drivers. PS24 models are code-compliant products ready for surface or recessed mounting and are suitable for plenum installations, allowing lighting designers to return their focus to lighting and light control.

LED Driver Features

  • 120V or 277VAC input
  • 24VDC, Class 2 outputs
  • Dedicated, contractor-friendly wiring compartments for line voltage input and low-voltage output
  • Integral output connections allow parallel/bus wiring or home-run wiring of powered luminaires
  • Available with analog (0-10V) or digital dimming interface

Documentation for the PS24 Remote LED Driver Accessory