November 17, 2022

Introducing COSMO

Cosmo’s Futuristic Aesthetic is an Exploration of What an Ambient LED Pendant Can Do for Modern Interiors

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (July 12, 2017)

Cosmo ring pendants in a small conference room with big windows

Cosmo’s futuristic aesthetic is an exploration of what an ambient LED pendant can do for modern interiors. “The design originated with the contours of the two rings,” says senior product designer Michael Arndt. It’s all about how light bounces. The flared lip of the upper ring is designed to reflect light back from the lower ring and illuminate the surface below in a soft bath. This is a relatively new look for LED fixtures. “Not a lot of other manufacturers are using LED to create indirect lighting,” says Arndt, “since they haven’t been powerful enough to use as indirect sources until recently.”

Viewed from a distance, the pendant’s two rings are sharp ellipses floating in light. As you stand underneath it, the lower ring hangs below the reflective upper ring, creating a bold, intriguing contrast – like a solar eclipse. Another element of functional design is the die-cast supports positioned between the rings to hold the fixture together. They span the negative space and blend into the upper ring like wing struts.

Cosmo’s sleek aesthetic would be an eye-catching piece in any modern interior. With its mid-century modern silhouette and 21st century essence, Cosmo will perform wherever stylish homes and contemporary office interiors need soft illumination. The fixture’s glare-free light, 34” in diameter and 36” in overall height, is perfect for over-table applications – like above a conference room table, or orbiting the dinner table as an eye-catching dining room feature. It can also hover invitingly over entryways and lobbies.

While the upper ring is painted white to reflect the light source, any one of Visa Lighting’s 21 No-VOC powder-coat paint finish options or our exclusive, eco-friendly alternative metal finishes with low VOC clear coating can be applied to Cosmo’s canopy, lower ring and cable retainer. In this way, the fixture integrates with colors in the surrounding interior design.

The fixture is suspended from a low voltage power cable, is 0-10v dimmable to 1%, and is available in high or low lumen outputs in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Cosmo has an integral driver in the canopy and a modular design allowing for easy replacement of the LED source and the power supply. This design includes an optional 90+ CRI. Like all of Visa Lighting’s innovative lighting products, Cosmo is made in America and includes a 5-year warranty.

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