Large Venue lighting by Visa LightingLarge Venue Lighting Challenges?

Visa Lighting Has You Covered

When designing or renovating a large venue and other spaces with high ceilings, it can be challenging to get the lighting right. Well balanced, energy efficient, high intensity illumination that is durable and appealing to look at may be daunting to some, but not Visa Lighting.

We offer a wide range of products that can help you add some “wow” factor to your high ceiling space with both luminous and non-luminous fixtures. We understand how to get large scale lighting right and make your space bright and welcoming.

No matter the type of space, whether it’s traditional or modern, from hospitality to hospitals, Visa Lighting has options that will work for you. Our beautiful Sequence Pendants can be installed in varying lengths and arranged in clusters to create a subtle, yet stunning effect. If bold geometrics are more appropriate for your space, consider a grouping of our gorgeous Sail Disk Pendants with EdgeGlide™ lighting.

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Sustainable and Efficient LEDs

All of Visa Lighting’s large venue fixtures use energy efficient LED fixtures with a longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, which means there will be fewer replacements required, ultimately lowering your maintenance costs. LEDs are also resistant to shock and vibrations, making them ideal for use in sports arenas, airport atriums, and entertainment venues.

Acoustic Lighting Ads ColorAcoustic Lighting Adds Color And Reduces Noise

While most of our large fixtures can be finished with our No-VOC paint finishes to complement the color theme of your space, you may want to consider our Celest acoustics. Large venues can be very loud, especially when there is little to no noise mitigation. All of the Celest family of luminaires are finished with noise dampening acoustic felts, (which are also available in a variety of colors. These acoustic-dampening fixtures can help to cut down on echoes and background noises, improve sound quality for clearer conversations, and increase a general sense of peacefulness which can help to improve the well-being of those who spend extended periods of time within the space.

You can learn more about how to determine your room’s acoustics with our award-winning acoustic calculator. This calculator is a helpful tool to determine a room's RT60 before and after incorporating acoustic lighting.

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